Browse to google and search for "Syncdocs" Double click on the first link. 

Down the bottom right there will be a "Download" button. Double click this.

The program will download, down the bottom in the downloads bar you will see this.

Double click on this and it will start the installer. Click Run

Click Next

The program will now install

Click Continue

You will now be prompted for username and password. ~ Enter those.

Tick the "I agree to the terms of service" box and then click next to continue

Click Next

Click on Next

Click on Finish

1. Down the bottom right of the taskbar there will be a small up arrow, click on this and the image below will be shown.

2. Then Right Click on the image highlighted.

Click on Preferences

Click on Advanced Options

Click on Folders

Click on the drop down menu and select "G"

If you browse to Windows Explorer "Computer" you will see a (G:) Drive. This is now where you Google drive is located.